What we provide


A wide range of resources for children to explore and discover more about 'what' and 'how'.

Active learners

Open space for children to create their own play areas and be hands on with the resources without being interrupted.


Respectful and sensitive staff who listen to children and engage them in conversations enriching their language.


Resources children can relate to in their community and home that they can use imaginatively and re-enact roles that are important to them.



Time for children to start and complete a project without being interrupted. Give children guidance and are never told what to make.


Patient, caring staff that know when a child just wants to cuddle.


An environment where children are free to access resources when they wish and can use them to their own imagination.

Socially confident

Carers that are attentive and respectful to children's communications. A key person system to encourage close attachment. Activities to promote social interaction with their peers.



Growing physically

Space for large creative play and stimulating outdoor activities

Individual and unique

A planning and observation system that gives staff the opportunity to track children's development and create opportunities designed for their needs.