Our setting supports children's development and encourages them to thrive using a set of policies designed to inform staff of best practice to help children enjoy and achieve. These policies encourage consistency and are shared with families to help build a two-way flow of information that is important in supporting children and their development.

Achieving Positive Behaviour- Throughout our setting all children are encouraged to develop their independence and social interaction at a stage appropriate to them.

This is done through daily routines and offering children opportunities to be self-reliant, such as pouring their own drinks, setting tables and choosing their own activities to engage in.

Group times are encouraged, using games and music to develop social skills and respect for one another. Religious festivals and cultures are celebrated, providing opportunities to learn more about each other.

Healthy Living- healthy living is all about having a positive outlook on being healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle. We encourage children to adopt a positive view on healthy living through the activities that we provide, such as growing our own vegetables, harvest festival and science activities on bodily awareness. At snack time children have a choice of fruits, with milk or fresh water. We provide children with a choice of healthy snacks from a variety of different cultures.

Safeguarding- the safety of all children attending our setting is paramount and all our policies and practices ensure that children thrive in a safe, healthy environment. Three of our staff are Level 3 qualified, with two holding SENCO qualifications, and three are Level 2 qualified. All staff, students and volunteers hold a clear, enhanced DBS check.